Rising demand for gadget insurance puts pressure on insurance companies to produce replacement handsets efficiently

Rising demand for gadget insurance puts pressure on insurance companies to produce replacement handsets efficiently

The contemporary dependency on mobile services continues to rise with more and more people being in possession of smartphones, tablets, Kindles, iPods and other gadgets. In fact, according to the 2014 edition of the UK Mobile Consumer Survey, 35 million adults in the UK have a smartphone.

Naturally, carrying such expensive electronic devices around with us comes with the risk of such valuable products being lost, stolen or damaged, hence why gadget insurance is on the rise.

Testament to how prevalent gadget insurance has become is a recent press statement released by two major insurance companies, which announced they are now promoting the insurance of electronic devices at Jml insurance services websites.

Jml Insurance Services is dedicated to promoting online insurance products from carefully selected insurance company advertisers.

Earlier this year Jml Insurance added Questor Insurance’s gadget insurance product to the products advertiser on the group’s websites. It also added a similar gadget insurance product by Blue Insurance for the UK and Irish markets.

“The majority of people now have a mobile phone with an increasing number of people purchasing iPhones or smartphones. Gadget insurance gives you peace of mind if something happens to your most prized possessions,” states the press release.

With more and more people taking out insurance for their prized electronic devices, the pressure is on for insurance companies to source replacement handsets and other devices efficiently and quickly and at competitive prices.

This is where Bamboo Distribution can step in and make a real difference.

Bamboo Distribution is a world leader in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of consumer electronic devices. Operating globally, we deliver an end to end service, supplying and supporting a wide range of electronic devices for customers around the world.

Bespoke handset customisation

Part of Bamboo Distribution’s specialist services handset provision, bespoke handset customisation, handset profiling, network locking, data sanitisation, device configuration software loading, as well as repackaging and product literature, compatibility testing, quality control, product matching and international logistics.
With the huge demand insurance companies are now under to replace handsets and other mobile electronic devices, Bamboo Distribution’s comprehensive, efficient and competitively priced refurbishment services, can prove invaluable, relieving insurance companies of a significant amount of pressure.

You can find out more about Bamboo’s handset rework operations by visiting our recycling page.

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