Our rework operations also allow us to process devices that are usually considered waste, allowing an increased return for clients and partners based on providing a value for units that are currently treated as scrap.

These units fall under the following conditions:

  • Unit is non-saleable
  • Handset is Missing Main Parts (Board, LCD)
  • Handset in Pieces
  • Handset / Main Board is Bent
  • Handset has not been Data Cleansed

The best form of recycling is re-use, and our processes not only involve maximising salvage units for resale, but also processing parts, accessories and boxes, enabling us to reduce the amount of recycled materials and stress on the environmental and landfill locations.

By re-using as many materials as possible, we are able to further maximise revenues and salvage values for our clients.

Handsets that qualify for recycling are done so under the strict guidelines of our environmental certifications and inline with our environmental policy. Our commitment to these guidelines and policies is at the core of our business practices, matching economic care with a duty of care to our environment and
future generations.