Intelligent Salvage & Asset Management

ISM Process

Intelligent Salvage &
Asset Management

Bamboo’s Intelligent Salvage Management solution is designed to provide the best possible levels of service, high levels of return and total client visibility throughout the process.

We are able to ensure we perform to the high standards set by using our ISM process, which provides our clients with a host of benefits.

The online ISM platform has been developed to allow the customer to have total visibility during the salvage process, detailing and documenting every stage of the operation and keeping an audit trail in the form of recorded information, such as stock lists, pricing matrices and other communications during the job.

The ISM platform was developed by Bamboo for this exact purpose, and every client is given login details and a brief user-manual to help aid the process, although it is a very simple-to-use online system.

Step 1
Batches of working
Once booked and collected handsets are sorted into batches of working, damaged and non-working.
Step 2
Handsets that are suitable for repair work are processed to working, saleable units.
ISM System Valuation
Resaleable handsets are booked and logged into the ISM system for valuation.
Step 4
Automated Data Wipe
Devices are connected to an automated data wipe program and restored to factory settings.

Process and Measure

It allows Bamboo to process and measure the authenticity of the salvage batch – a case study can be performed in order to identify if the salvage could have been recovered (repaired and refurbished) in order to use in the clients stock pool of swap devices.

Reports and Case study Volumes

Our proactive approach to exceeding expectations is at the heart of our core values and is the key to our continued growth.

Pricing Matrix

Bamboo offer a measurable pricing matrix, highlighting how the prices are calculated and putting a documented, fixed monthly pricing table in place.

Online Booking and Management Tool

The ISM platform offers the customer the convenience of an online booking and management tool.

Automated Data Cleansing

Bamboo use a certified data sanitisation solution to offer automated data cleansing of devices.

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