The importance of data sanitisation in modern business practices

The importance of data sanitisation in modern business practices

Bamboo Distribution’s commitment to providing ‘data sanitisation’ as part of our specialist division, enables us to provide innovative distribution and fulfilment solutions that are based on our customer’s requirements.

This blog explores what ‘data sanitisation’ is and why it has become of buzzword in 21st century business practices.

Bamboo Distribution, an international leader in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of electronic devices, proudly provides an end to end service. This comprehensive service begins with the collection of a product and ends with the selling of a refurbished version of that product into a new market. If a product cannot for any reason be refurbished, we ensure it is recycled safely and responsibly.

Part of this end to end service includes data sanitisation. Our data sanitisation is part of Bamboo Distribution’s Intelligent Salvage Management (ISM). Our ISM platform includes connecting devices to an automated data wipe programme and restoring them to their factory settings.

By using a certified data sanitisation solution, Bamboo Distribution is able to offer the automated data cleansing of devices, which is a crucial part of the innovative distribution and fulfilment services we provide for our clients.

Why is data sanitisation important?

As technology is increasingly integrated into virtually every aspect of business practices, the protection of IT data is of critical importance. Business of all industries and sizes must protect themselves against scamming, hacking and phishing. To keep their data safe, when a business’s IT assets come to the end of their life, the device needs to be cleansed, also known as sanitised.

In an article titled ‘The Importance of Data Sanitisation’, data security experts Reclamere, spoke of why it is imperative modern businesses practice the data sanitisation of devices and hard drives.

“Whether the data in question is required to be kept private by statute or not, allowing even the most innocuous of data to fall into the hands of a hacker can result in a lesson in social engineering and/or the exfiltration of critical trade secrets,” writes Reclamere.

The risk of company and consumer data being breached is on the increase. Without proper sanitisation, old devices which are, as Reclamere writes, “carelessly thrown in the rubbish”, are virtually gifts to potential hackers.
Erasing data from an electronic device such as a smartphone or a laptop, not only protects the business or consumer which the device belongs to, but ensures it is ready to be put into a new market.

By ensuring data sanitisation is a vital component in our ISM platform and end to end service that is based on our individual customer’s requirements, our clients can have peace of mind that their company data is kept safe.
For more information about Bamboo Distribution’s Intelligent Salvage Management platform visit our ISM page.

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