A look at Bamboo’s rework operations and why re-use is the best form of recycling

Bamboo Distribution, international leader in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of consumer electronic goods, provides rework operations to our clients. These operations enable us to process electronic equipment deemed as waste and add value to products regarded as scrap. Our rework operations therefore allow us to provide increased return for our partners and clients based on the fact a product deemed as waste has a new value attached to it.

A mobile phone handset that is regarded as scrap falls into the following conditions:

.           The handset is non-sellable

.           It has parts missing such as the board and LCD

.           The handset is broken and in pieces

.           The main board is bent

.           The phone has not been cleansed of data

Bamboo Distribution’s comprehensive rework operations involve the recycling of everything related to the mobile phone, including the packaging, accessories and parts. This enables us to maximise salvaging for resale purposes, as well as reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfills and putting stress on the environment.

By recycling every item and material related to a handset we maximise revenue and return for our clients.

Recycling for re-use

Bamboo Distribution is driven by an ethos that the best form of recycling and refurbishment is for re-use purposes. Returning electronic equipment for re-use provides companies with an easy and effective opportunity to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

By recycling handsets deemed as waste, organisations can reduce their carbon footprint and put themselves in a much better position to achieve key performance indicators related to energy efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, by making a product regarded as waste into a workable, sellable object, re-working handsets and other electronic devices, ultimately generates more revenue for businesses.

All of the handsets that qualify for our re-work programme are scrutinised under the strict guidelines we have in place involving our environmental certifications to ensure they are in line with our environmental policy.

If you want to find out more about our rework operations and how Bamboo Distribution can turn your unwanted handsets into functioning devices that have a new value attached to them, get in touch with our professional, friendly and experienced recycling team.

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