CSR Policy

CSR Policy

The principle of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Bamboo Distribution Ltd. actively embraces the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our business model allows us to help charities; NGOs, and other organizations generate revenue by recycling products otherwise destined for landfill. In this way, the core of our business leaves a positive impact on society. Bamboo sees that, as a company, our impact ranges even further and includes stakeholders and our employees.

Bamboo has committed its CSR efforts into six key areas:

1 Environment

Bamboo actively complies with ISO 14001 and EMAS (Eco Management Audit System) for our environmental management system, and to ISO 9001 for our quality management system. Maintaining these systems encourages our continual improvement.

2 Office Practices

Natural resources are limited, so it’s extremely important to protect them through reusing and recycling as much as possible. We aim to ensure that our recycling activities prevent material going to landfill, which could otherwise find a reuse. That includes office paper, aluminium cans, steel tins, plastic bottles, cardboard, newspapers and magazines.

3 Staff

Bamboo recognizes that everything we are able to offer our recycling partners and customers comes through the efforts of our staff so we work hard to ensure employees are appreciated. This can be done by providing simple things like providing food for lunches, tea, coffee, fruit etc. free of charge and yearly short breaks across Europe.

4 Social Inclusion

Bamboo believes that diversity brings strength and is committed to social inclusion.

5 Health

Bamboo recognizes that having a healthy, happy workforce is vital, and several initiatives are in place to achieve this.

6 Suppliers

It is our dedication to environment and quality that has driven the creation of a customized Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire. We use this document as part of a process of qualifying the credentials of potential suppliers and buyers as well helping us ascertain quality or environmental risks. We may choose not to source from one of these firms if we believe that their business practices do not meet our standards.

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