The benefits of Intelligence Salvage Management

Bamboo distribution is a front runner in the use of Intelligent Salvage Management (ISM) technology. ISM is designed to give clients complete visibility throughout the process of procuring, recycling and refurbishing a wide range of electronic devices.

ISM overview

Intelligent Salvage Management, an integrated management system, provides an efficient way to catalogue products, orders, support business strategies, improve brand loyalty with existing and new customers, and utilise new technology when it becomes available. Being internet-based, IBS allows for 24 hour convenience between companies.

Measuring authenticity

The Intelligence Salvage Management platform enables Bamboo to measure the authenticity of the salvage batch. Clients can benefit further by having a case study used in their stock pool of swap devices. The case study would look at whether or not the salvage could have been repaired and refurbished.

Measurable pricing matrix

Bamboo’s ISM platform also provides a measurable pricing matrix. This pricing strategy enables clients to see how the prices are calculated. A documented, fixed monthly pricing table is then put into place.

Certified data sanitisation

Another benefit of the ISM policy is that it utilises a certified data sanitisation solution to provide automated data cleansing of devices.

Social responsibility

The online platform has been developed to enable the customer to have total visibility during the salvage process. Bamboo Distribution shares the government’s view of social responsibility regarding increasing investor and public confidence, by being transparent in how they deal with recycling issues. It details every development of each individual operation from start to finish, including repair yields on all potentially repairable stock.  The ISM is dedicated to deminishing the volume of recycled handsets, consequently putting less pressure on our planet and crafting higher levels of profitability amongst corporations. As stated in Bamboo Distribution’s Corporate Brochure:

“Our ISM solution reduces the amount of recycled handsets, placing less stress on the environment and generating higher returns to our clients.”

New solutions continually support Bamboo’s business strategy and work ethic. Providing a seamless process from initial purchase and collection, right through to distribution or legal disposal and confirm their commitment to the European Union’s directive to recycle 45% of electronic waste, by 2016 and 65% by 2020.

B2B collaboration and large scale technological waste management

The sheer volume of electronic components that are being designed and sold, and the constant demand for new models has inevitably increased exponentially the amount of broken, out-dated or planned obsolescence versions. Many phones and other devices are getting replaced under insurance policy cover, simply discarded or handed in at recycling centres. A large proportion of these computers, mobile phones and tablets can be repaired and brought back to factory condition, including re-packaging for an eager re-sell market. The recycling and buy back solutions Bamboo offers enables commercial and corporate organisations  to collaborate in developing this eco-friendly approach to large-scale technological waste management.

ISM is not only extremely good for the environment as a whole, but very profitable for business. In other words Intelligence Salvage Management is a winner, for all concerned.

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