How Salvage Management can help businesses grow

With a mission to provide a fully transparent distribution, fulfilment and salvage management operation to clients on a global scale, Bamboo Distribution explains how implementing salvage management strategies can help a business grow.

Bamboo Distribution is at the forefront of Intelligent Salvage Management (ISM). So what exactly does the IBM platform involve?

Bamboo’s system enables customers to have complete visibility by detailing and documenting every stage of the salvage process. It keeps an audit trail of the data created during the salvage operation, including stock lists, pricing matrices and other communications created throughout the process.

Online booking and management tools

Through an online booking and management tools, Bamboo’s ISM platform offers clients confidence and complete transparency during every step of the recycling and redistribution process.

Once the handsets and electronic devices have been booked online and collected, they are then sorted into one of three batches – working, damaged and non-working.

The handsets that are able to be repaired are then processed into workable, saleable units.
Handsets which can be resold are then booked and logged onto the ISM system in order to be valued.
The ISM process also includes handsets and other devices being connected to an automated data wipe programme and restored to factory settings.

How can the system help a business grow?
Bamboo’s ISM is designed to provide total client visibility whilst delivering the best levels of service possible and the highest levels of return.

The ISM system enables Bamboo to report of case study volumes and provide insights into the different models of handsets and repair yields. This can prove beneficial to the customer as such valuable information and insights help provide the highest levels of return.

As does Bamboo’s measurable pricing matrix, which informs customers about how prices are calculated, as well as developing a fixed monthly pricing table in place.

“True sustainability needs transparency”

As The Guardian wrote “true sustainability needs transparency”. The Guardian might have been referring to fact that the rise in “greenwash”, the practice of companies making unsubstantiated or misleading claims about the environmental benefits of a product or service, is proving detrimental to the environment.

By offering complete transparency to clients through its Intelligent Salvage Management process, Bamboo’s customers can have peace of that their handsets and electronic are going through the best recycling channels in all stages of the supply chain.

Consequently, this is beneficial to the customer as Bamboo’s professional and fully-transparent ISM system ensures that businesses recycle and refurbish handsets and other devices through the correct channels.
And as we all know, a green, sustainable business is not just great for the environment but also helps its chances of success as it proves three core requirements – It is eco-friendly, considerate of society and profitable at the same time.

To find out more about Bamboo Distribution’s Intelligence Salvage Management technology and how it might help your business.

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