‘Hats off’ to Bamboo Distribution for reaching it five-year milestone…

‘Hats off’ to Bamboo Distribution for reaching it five-year milestone…

In September 2014 Bamboo Distribution reached its five year milestone as a company. During the last five years Bamboo has become an international leader in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of consumer electronic devices.

Take a look at some of Bamboo Distribution’s achievements and what the company hopes for in the next five years.

The best value and quality service on a global scale

The company’s multi-faceted operations that offers recovery, processing, sales and distribution of electronic gadgets is carried out on an international scale. Treating every customer with the upmost care and integrity, Bamboo Distribution prides itself in offering the best value and quality of service to its partners.

Constantly striving to improve its service

When it comes to customer service, it is safe to say that most people can remember a particularly great customer service experience (as well as a particularly awful one). The best companies, and often most successful ones, constantly strive to improve their service to customers.

During the last five years, Bamboo Distribution has been driven by an ethos of providing only be best services to its customers. In order to achieve this first-rate service delivery, Bamboo consistently endeavours to make improvements to its services. This is why the company values its customers’ opinions and comments and encourages them to send in their feedback.

An end to end service

Contributing to the success of Bamboo Distribution’s dedicated service ethos is the fact it provides an end to end service. Whether a customer is looking to buy or sell from Bamboo, the company can sell the product into a new market, or, if the product cannot be refurbished, Bamboo will recycle it for a client, in a safe and responsible manner, ultimately putting less strain on landfills.

Speaking of this accomplishment, Juney Mistiki, Managing Director at Bamboo Distribution, said:

“Our biggest achievement is that we have built up a sustainable company that can provide end to end solution for the insurance and technology sector.”

A trustworthy reputation

Another of Bamboo Distribution’s greatest attainments since it was founded five years ago, is the trustworthy reputation it has built up in the electronic salvage management sector.

“We have built a great trustable reputation in the industry in providing quality refurbished handsets and salvage management. We have also increased our inventory range of new handsets to cope with demand,” added Juney Mistiki.

A takeover of £30 million plus

Being at the forefront in the recovery and supply of mobile phones and other electronic devices and with a strong business ethic centred on customer support, Bamboo Distributions has reached a turnover of more than £30 million – an incredible feat for a company that is just five years old.

So what about the next five years?

Bamboo Distribution aims to continue sustaining growth and providing innovative products and services to help support such growth.

As Juney Miskiti says:

“In the next five years we hope that we can double the business we are doing today across multiple sites in the UK and Europe and continue providing bespoke solutions to the insurance and technology sector.”

If you are interested in receiving a bespoke solution to mobile phone and other electronic device recycling and salvage management get in touch with Bamboo Distribution.

In the meantime, everyone at the Bamboo Distribution team would like to wish our customers and readers a Happy New Year.

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