Placing eco-friendliness at the core of mobile phone recycling

Bamboo Distribution is leading independent international mobile phone distributor. Bamboo offers the most pioneering approaches to the recycling and salvage management to clients around the world. A consequence of Bamboo’s proactive dedication to exceed expectations, is that the company has become an established entity in the mobile phone marketplace.

One of the reasons for Bamboo’s prolific success is that it places eco-friendliness at the core of mobile phone recycling. But how? 

We live in a brave new world of computers, smart mobile phones and instant communication. From the smallest single person enterprise to the largest manufacturing companies, every business relies on the internet and being able to connect instantly by phone. There is even a recognised condition aptly named Nomophobia or the fear of being without a mobile phone. With the constantly increasing sales of latest equipment, it is understandable that a service providing a second useful life for components, previously discarded, should prosper. Although new designs require new components, much can be recycled, but it has to be done under safe conditions, especially when toxic elements are involved.

An eco-aware company

Bamboo distribution is a forward thinking and socially aware company that adheres to all The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive regulations and holds certification for electrical collection, storage, safe refurbishment and re-distribution. This not only provides electronic items with data cleaned certificates, original factory settings and in excellent condition, for an eager market in what is still a cautionary economic state, but is proving that a balance between modern technology and a green environment is possible.

Social and government awareness of green issues

Protection of the environment, social awareness of health and safety issues such as toxic chemicals, landfill and greenhouse gases have led to greater public awareness and subsequent governmental policy changes.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, introduced in Europe in 2002 and subsequently updated, the latest being this year, has significantly altered the way that companies approach recycling of electronic components. It is estimated that the requirement for countries will be to recycle 45% of electronic waste, by 2016 and 65% by 2020. Governments and telecommunication companies are now making it more possible to hand in old equipment rather than just dumping it, in some cases even offering financial recompense.

The WEEE directive 2002/96/EC along with RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances 2002/95/EC, deals with collection rates and standards of health and safety, including disposal and amounts of specific materials and chemicals that can be used in manufacture. This is a European Council directive covering both advanced and emerging countries. As the demand for commodities increases worldwide, the onus will fall not just on government legislation to keep pace, but on individual manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that they do their part to protect our environment.

Multi-layer environmental strategies

An approved company such as Bamboo Distribution has multi-layer strategies to back up their claim, that the protection of the environment is paramount. This includes compliance not only to WEEE but to a European eco-management and audit scheme, a corporate social responsibility policy, stringent screening and an ISM platform for customers to track their goods.

The company oversees all movement from initial collection to recycling, repair or legal scrapping of unusable materials. Safe storage and handling are paramount not only for their staff but for the eventual users and the environment in general. They publish an in-depth policy statement of intent regarding their commitment to safe working practices, which should be a blueprint for all companies to follow.

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