How Bamboo Distribution provides fully transparent distribution to clients

Bamboo Distribution prides itself on providing a fully transparent distribution to clients. Take a look at the following ways we deliver our goals to provide transparent business operations on a global scale.

Transparency is a vital component of business growth and success. Ironically, transparency in business is often overlooked. If a company gets transparency right, it can be an effective way of improving productivity, employee morale and a business’s overall culture.

It is Bamboo Distribution’s mission to provide a fully transparent distribution, fulfilment and salvage management operation to our clients on a global scale.

So how does Bamboo Distribution achieve the transparent culture it thrives on?

Sharing information and data

Transparency is important when sharing basic data and information. At an employee level, it is important that transparent information is provided so that employees know which tasks themselves and their colleagues are responsible for. With this vital information on-board, valuable employee time is freed up as people can work on their own tasks without worrying about what jobs need attention.

On a client level, this same level of transparency with clients and prospective clients, helps a company build better retention and loyalty.

Bamboo Distribution actively delivers absolute transparency to our clients.

This absolute transparency is delivered through our Intelligent Salvage Management (ISM) platform.
Our ISM platform is designed to give our clients total visibility throughout every aspect of the salvage and distribution process.

Each process is detailed and documented and a fully-recorded audit trail is kept, that includes vital information such as stocklists, pricing matrices and other data. Consequently, by documenting every step of the process and communicating the information with our clients, Bamboo is able to perform exceptionally high standards in salvage and distribution management and give our clients absolute transparency and ultimately peace of mind.

Our transparency platform is operated simply and effectively and involves our clients simply logging onto the system with their own log-in details and being provided with a brief user-manual to help take them through the easy-to-use online system.

By using such an effective and transparent system, we are able to report on case study volumes, provide insights into the models and repair yields as a percentage of the total volume, offer a measurable pricing matrix, and give our clients the convenience of a simple online booking and management tool.

Transparency is teamwork

A fully transparent and effective company appreciates that transparency is teamwork. Here at Bamboo Distribution, we recognise the importance of implementing teamwork into company operations.

The whole of the Bamboo Distribution team, from management to the warehouse operators, work together to ensure that every process of the distribution and fulfilment procedure is carried out smoothly and effectively.

If you want to learn more about how Bamboo Distribution operates a transparent business model and provides a fully transparent distribution to our clients, get in touch with the Bamboo Distribution team.

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