How Bamboo Distribution’s recycling operations enable us to process devices that are otherwise considered waste

Turning a piece of equipment such as a mobile phone that is considered nothing more than scrap into a workable, saleable device is inevitably going to increase return for companies.

This is the crux of Bamboo Distribution operations. By transforming devices cast aside as waste into workable gadgets we provide additional value for units and ultimately increase returns for our clients and partners.

For a unit to be considered waste it can placed into one or more of the following conditions:

.           The device is non-saleable

.           The handset is not complete and there are parts missing, typically main parts such as LCD or Board

.           The unit is in pieces

.           The Main Board or handset itself is bent

.           The device has not been Data Cleansed

Recycling for reuse

According to Green Living, for the average consumer a mobile phone’s shelf life is only about 24 months. Around the world, millions of mobiles are tossed aside each year in favour of newer technology.

The rapid progression of technology and the demand for the latest unit is taking its toll on the environment. Alarmingly, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2009 alone 141 million mobiles were discarded and out of those only 12 million were collected for recycling.

Asides recycling’s positive effect on the environment, turning units cast aside as waste into fully working and sellable devices brings economic gain for handset manufacturers.

This is where Bamboo Distribution proves to be an invaluable asset. We work on the premise that the best form of recycling is re-use.

Maximising salvage units for resale

All of our recycling processes are driven with an objective to maximise salvage units for resale. Asides reconditioning units so they are able to be resold, we also process parts, accessories and boxes, which not only generates maximum revenues and salvage values for clients, but again means we reduce the amount of materials and waste being dumped in landfills and putting more strain to the environment.

Strict environmental policy

All of the handsets and devices that qualify for recycling by Bamboo Distribution are carried out under the strict guidelines of Bamboo Distribution’s environmental certifications and are in line with our environmental policy.

It is Bamboo Distribution’s vision to be a: “World leader in the recovery and supply of mobile phones, electronic devices, business ethics and innovation linked with customer support.”

By enabling our clients to maximise salvage electronic devices and their parts, accessories and boxes for resale, Bamboo Distribution is certainly succeeding in being a forerunner in recycling that not only helps save our planet from otherwise inevitable demise but helps generate economic growth by increasing returns for clients.