How Bamboo Distribution’s CSR Policy model helps charities and businesses generate revenue

How Bamboo Distribution’s CSR Policy model helps charities and businesses generate revenue 

In the quest to help alleviate global warming and the damage we are collectively putting on the environment, more and more corporate initiatives are being introduced designed to lessen a company’s effects on the environment. The efforts made by companies of all sizes and industries to eliminate their environmental impact has been given the term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).

CSR generally refers to efforts being made by a business that go beyond what is required by environmental groups and regulators. The crux of a CSR policy is a company that operates on an ethos to promote positive social and environment change.

Bamboo Distribution are proud embracers of operating with an ethos of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility allows Bamboo Distributions to help the organisations, charities and NGOs we work with to generate revenue by recycling and reusing products that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

Our CSR policy can be mapped out into several main areas:

The environment

By actively complying with Eco Management Audit System (EMAS) and ISO 14001, which maps out the framework an organisation can adhere to in order to set up an effective environmental management system, we are committed to following and improving our environmental management systems. We also follow the ISO 9001, a certified qualified management system designed for companies wanting to prove their ability to constantly provide services and products that meet their customers’ requirements.

Maintaining green office practices

Bamboo Distribution recognises the importance of preventing materials going to landfills. Consequently, we strive to maintain green office practices such as recycling and reusing products and materials wherever possible, including paper used in the office, plastic bottles, newspapers and cardboard.

Employee wellbeing

As the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advise on their page about meeting corporate social responsibility, good CSR considers the interests and wellbeing of employees and their health and safety.

Here at Bamboo Distribution we appreciate that in order for our customers to receive high levels of services that will ultimately help them save money and generate more revenue, we need to look after our staff, as a happy and loyal workforce is always beneficial to business. We achieve this by ensuring our employees feel appreciated by providing them with simple treats such as lunches, tea, coffee and fruit, to more elaborate indulgences such as European city breaks.

Customised Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire

As a means of qualifying the credentials of potential buyers and suppliers, as well as determining environmental or quality risks, Bamboo Distribution uses a customised Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire. If, through the questionnaire, we believe that a potential buyer or supplier’s business practices do not meet our own standards, we will not source from that specific company. This practice enables us to only source through the highest quality and most responsible of firms, which again helps is maintain our CSR ethos and help generate maximum revenue for our customers.

For a full break-down of Bamboo Distribution’s CSR model and how looking after both the environment and the people around us plays a key role in our business activities, visit our website.


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