How Bamboo Distribution can help insurance companies comply with tightening environmental legislation and maximise revenue

Legislation surrounding what happens to electronic and electrical waste isn’t getting any slacker. In fact it’s getting considerably tighter. For example, a year ago in January 2015 new waste legislation for businesses was introduced in Britain, requiring companies to separate recyclable waste from non-recyclable waste. The drive for businesses to improve recycling processes is motivated by the EU’s objective to collect ten million tonnes of e-waste in Europe by 2020.

As has been reported recently  customers are aggressively seeking out the best and latest mobile phone deals, almost a million handsets are upgraded in Britain each month. The demand for frequent handset replacement is driven by the fact technology is developing at extremely quick rates. As soon as a new phone, which exceeds its predecessor in terms of what it can do comes on the market, many consumers are quick to upgrade to the latest model.

The combination of a rising turnover of handsets and tightening recycling legislation means mobile phone companies are under growing pressure to salvage old handsets and this is where Bamboo Distribution can step in and prove an invaluable asset for helping mobile phone insurance companies ‘up their refurbishment game’.

Being a world leader in mobile phone recovery and refurbishment, we help mobile phone insurance companies add value throughout their supply chain, as well as ensuring they adopt more environmentally-aware practices by recycling disused handsets.

If you are a mobile phone insurance company aspiring to keep up with processing the rising number of redundant handsets in an environmentally and financially astute manner, Bamboo Distribution can help you do so, efficiently and effectively.

Bespoke handset customisation

From producing product literature to the salvaging of essential phone accessories, we undertake every aspect of bespoke handset customisation, offering fulfilment, salvage management and recycling solutions to mobile phone insurance companies around the world.

We can buy any quantity of mobile phones and other electronic devices, in any condition from insurance companies, providing you with good value, quick payment and a great service. In fact in order to meet the volume and diversity of our orders, we are always interested in buying a vast variety of mobile phones and other devices.

Being a leading recycler of mobile phones and other devices, mobile phone insurance companies can benefit from our recycling operations. Besides maximising salvage units for resale by meticulous recycling methods, which are carried out under the strict guidelines of our environmental certificates, we will also process parts, accessories and boxes, resulting in insurance companies maximising their revenue as well as complying with tighter recycling legislation.

If you are an insurance company looking to maximise revenue through the quality salvage of handsets, get in touch with the Bamboo Distribution team to discuss what we can do for you.

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