‘Doing good is good for business’: Why Bamboo’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy has a positive impact on society

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is essentially a management concept in which businesses put social and environmental concerns at the core of their operations. Embracing a ‘Triple-Bottom-Line-Approach’, CRS is a way for businesses to achieve a balance of social, economic and environmental imperatives.

As the Huffington Post writes, the days of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being an obligation many organisations felt they should adhere to is being replaced by CRS becoming central to company operations.

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

A coalition of CEOs from 150 of some of the biggest corporate organisations in the world make up the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP). At the core of the CECP is the belief that “societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance.”

In 2014, the CECP released two reports designed to offer insight and official data on trends that have been driving corporate social responsibility in the last year.

The report highlighted that corporate social responsibility has become “such an integral part of business that many global markets are mandating social investments as a price of doing business.”

Bamboo Distribution and CSR

Bamboo Distribution pride itself on actively embracing the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Putting CSR at the heart of business operations, Bamboo is able to support NGOs, charities and other businesses to generate income from recycling waste that would be otherwise heading to and clogging up landfills.

However, it is not just the environment that Bamboo Distribution actively executes CSR.

Maintaining employee welfare

Many companies which embrace CSR policies are also committed to ensuring that members of staff are well looked after.

Bamboo recognises that its achievements and success are greatly determined by the hard work of its employees and aims to make sure its staff feel sufficiently appreciated. Consequently, Bamboo employees have their lunches provided for, as well as all the tea, coffee and fruit they care to drink and eat. Staff also enjoy free yearly breaks to various European destinations.

A healthy workforce

A happy workforce is of course a healthy one and subsequently, Bamboo Distribution has a number of initiatives in place to help its workforce keep healthy and happy.

And don’t forget suppliers

To adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility entirely no individual or body involved in any aspect of business operations should be left out of CSR policies, including suppliers.

To ensure suppliers are not excluded from the CSR loop, Bamboo Distribution crates a customised Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire. The questionnaire enables the company to evaluate and assess quality and potential risks. Bamboo uses the document as a means of qualifying the credentials of potential suppliers and buyers. If companies do not meet the CRS standards set by Bamboo, it can then decide whether to terminate carrying out business with them further.

Corporate Social Responsibility might not be able to solve the world’s problems. But, by benefiting themselves and subsequently benefitting society, businesses – small and large – would be foolish not to embrace a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy similar to that of Bamboo Distribution.

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