Exploring Bamboo Distribution’s fulfilment processes

Bamboo Distribution reduces your cost of product ownership by using a total service, never losing visibility of the product through the entire repair and re-distribution service. This is done via serialised tracking and logistic solutions.
Bamboo Distribution offers management services to market surplus or repaired equipment worldwide. There is a massive inventory with global sales support and a consignment program to maximise the value of the product.

The company leverages knowledge and experience gained over twenty years to optimise planning and warehouse operations. This also includes e-commerce fulfilment, and up-to-date business rules and regulations programmed right into the distribution and fulfilment system. E-commerce is at the heart of Bamboo Distributions success. It is an efficient way to catalogue products and incoming orders, give support to individual business strategies, improve loyalty to customers, and add new technology to the system when it becomes possible.

Bamboo Distribution has operating outlets, not only in the UK, but international operations across Europe, as well as Asia, offering the full service from initial purchase, through processing and repair to distribution worldwide.
Services are controlled by in-house experts. Specialist sections control all levels of repair and refurbishment, including specialist bespoke handset customisation. All steps in the process are overseen by a dedicated quality control department.

Complete compliance with government and European legislation

Bamboo Distribution is a major player in the business to business (B2B) use of Intelligent Salvage management technology, legal disposal of equipment and have a commitment to the E.U. directive to recycle 45% of electronic waste, by 2016.

Overview of mobile refurbishment and re-distribution

The current interest in refurbished and certified mobile phones, and particularly smartphones, along with re-configuration and software loading, data sanitisation, and repackaging and product literature, is expanding at a considerable rate. Types of devices in perfect reconditioned states, are seen as economically viable, with warranties, similar to new products, and guaranteed by the manufacturing re-furbisher. Accessories may even be upgrades, and better than the original parts.

The benefits of the Bamboo Distribution refurbishment and re-distribution model includes:

  • Limiting the use of multiple repair vendors, saving time, and freight transportation.
  • Flexible order quantities enable Bamboo to personalise customers’ orders and treat individual consignments with consideration to the customers’ needs and requirements, including value-added packaging systems and competitive pricing.
  • Independently sources, stocks and supplies the products of most major manufacturers that are ready for immediate delivery.
  • Refurbished equipment is preferred by a large proportion of customers due to cost savings, warranty, and guaranteed reliability. Customers are able to provide popular makes and models to the public, eliminating waiting time and lack of availability. It expands budgets, lowers your cost of ownership and eliminates costly delays.

Bamboo Distribution continues to be at the forefront of the refurbishment industry, an imperative sector given the growing concerns about resource scarcity, and our environment.

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