Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Bamboo Distribution offers a Consultancy Services

Bamboo Distribution offer a consultancy service operating across several international locations, designed to manage clients salvage and fulfilment operations, offering our expertise and industry knowledge to ensure that solutions are cost effective, delivered on time and fully transparent. Our service can be designed to work with your existing partners, putting in place our transparent ISM and pricing network, designed to ensure that costings remain consistent at all times and revenues are maximised through effective processing operations.

What we offer


Our expertise allows us

Our expertise allows us to identify if existing logistics partners are devaluing the salvage by extracting parts or not reassembling the devices. These issues will result in more devices being recycled as they will not meet the resalable grades, resulting in lower valuations and revenues.

We can re-assess

Using strategic partnerships we can re-assess these processes and put in place a completely transparent salvage and fulfilment solutions designed to maximise processed units and increase returns.

Track, review and approve

Working with key logistics partners to provide secure, audited collection and delivery allows us to receive batches that are booked onto our ISM, allowing our clients to track, review and approve the work at all times.

Reduces wastage and increases revenue

Our consultancy service puts the client in control, with our expertise delivering a solution that maximises returns, reduces wastage and increases revenue, leaving our clients with the security that the entire operation is being handled for them and at all times putting their commercial and stakeholder interests first.


We provide our partner the very best value of quality service and to end, always delivered with care and integrity.

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Our vision is to be a World leader in the Recovery and Supply of Mobile Phones, electronic devices, business ethics and innovation linked with customer support.

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