Bamboo Distributions forms an alliance Foxconn Technology Group

In a push to take business to greater heights and to become even stronger for clients, Bamboo Distribution has entered a strategic partnership with Foxconn Technology Group, one of the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers.

Following a series of visits to Asia and months of talks with Foxconn Group, Bamboo Distribution is delighted to announce the new business partnership.

By teaming with Bamboo, an international leader in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of electronics, Foxconn Group hopes to enter new territories, make headway in the UK and European market, and be involved in the refurbishment, distribution and recycling of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

A fast growing waste stream

It is no secret that with the prolific popularity of devices such as smartphones and tablets, electronic equipment is the fastest growing waste stream in many countries.

In fact according to data issued by BBC Research, in 2012 consumers worldwide purchased 444.4 million computers and tablets, 238.5 million TVs, and 1.76 billion mobile phones. Furthermore, as most of these items are discarded in less than three years, our penchant for electronics is driving the growth of e-waste around the world by approximately eight percent every year.

With e-waste escalating globally, it stands to reason a corporation as savvy and ambitious as Foxconn Group is striving to move into the refurbishing and recycling electronic waste market.
Partnering with Bamboo Distribution, an already established and market leader in the recovery and supply of mobile phones and other electronic devices, is a strategic move for Foxconn Group to enter an increasingly prevalent and important market.

A mutually-beneficial alliance
For Bamboo, the partnership is equally as attractive. As Juney Mistiki, Managing Director of Bamboo Distribution said:
“We have delighted to have formed this strategic partnership with the Foxconn Group and believe the move will enhance what Bamboo does and make us even stronger for our clients.”

Prior to signing the deal, Juney Mistiki met with Lance Lynn, CEO of NC-IH, Foxconn’s investment division, and Louis Woo, Chairman of NC-IH, to discuss the partnership.

Foxconn Technology Group is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer and the fourth biggest information technology company in terms of revenue.
Committed to maintaining its position as a world information technology leader, Foxconn has formed several strategic partnerships with organisations. For example, in 2009, Foxconn Technolog Group teamed up with Sony Corporation for the production of LCD TVs in the Americas market.

With 142,000 computers and more than 416,000 mobile devices getting trashed every day, and with legislation involving the recycling of e-waste becoming increasingly more stringent, electronic recycling is one of the most vital sub-sectors of the technology industry.

By partnering with Bamboo Distribution, forerunners in the recovery, refurbishment and recycling of consumer electronic devices, highlights just how imperative Foxconn Technology Group views the burgeoning e-waste recycling market and determined it is to be part of it.

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