A look at Bamboo Distribution’s different certifications and how they have helped us reach the top of our niche

Bamboo Distribution’s professional work ethic, dedicated team of distribution, fulfilment and salvage management experts, who have more than 50 years combined experience in the industry, ensure we stay at the top of the recycling solutions industry.

Asides from our commitment and experienced management team, another reason Bamboo Distribution has managed to reach and maintain the reputation as being a leading international mobile phone distributor that adheres to the necessary standards and regulations, are the licences and certificates we have under our belt.
Take a look at the various licences and certificates Bamboo Distribution have been awarded and how our levy of qualifications ensure our clients remain complaint with WEEE-related standards and regulations, ultimately helping us inspire excellent salvage management.

Waste Carrier’s Licence
All companies that carry waste as part of their business operations must have a Waste Carriers Licence.
This vital licence enables Bamboo Distribution to collect waste from clients. The licence stipulates that all transfers of waste must be covered by a waste transfer note. This note must be signed by both Bamboo Distribution and the client. A copy of it must be retained for at least two years.

T11 Exemption
The T11 Exemption certificate enable you to repair, refurbish or dismantle different types of waste electrical and electronic equipment so that the whole WEEE product or dismantled components are able to be recovered and reused for their original purpose.

Being T11 Exempt Bamboo Distribution cannot:
. Treat WEEE for the purpose of disposal to landfill/incineration
. Mix hazardous waste with non-hazardous or other hazardous waste
. Treat more than 1000 tonnes in a 12-month period.

Bamboo must also keep records for two years related to the quality, nature, origin, destination and treatment method for all waste that is disposed and recovered.

AATF Licence (An Approved Authorised Treatment Facility)
Put simply, an Authorised Treatment Facility is permitted as a site that can carry out treatment on WEEE. Having an AATF licence allows Bamboo Distribution to issue an evidence note against items recovered. These evidence notes ensure that organisations which put WEEE on the market adhere to producer compliance schemes to meet the responsibilities when the WEEE goods become waste.

EA Exemptions – S2
The EA Exemptions – S2 means Bamboo Distribution is able to store WEEE and process it for recovery elsewhere.

DCF (A Designated Collection Facility)
Designated Collection Facilities (DCFs) are sites which are dedicated to WEEE collection from Private Households for onward clearance, either by or on behalf of producers or compliance schemes.
As you can see by the above certificates, Bamboo Distribution is fully compliant with the Environmental Agency (EA) regulations, meaning we continue to maintain the highest standards in distribution, fulfilment and salvage management at all times.

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